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Launch news TV channel in your country

  • 17 hours of live broadcasting breaking news every day
  • Cost-cutting approach: no OB Vans or UpLink
  • Unique effective time management approach – launch your news tv channel as soon as possible 
  • Innovative method aimed to minimize initial investments and operational costs
  • Unique resource management solutions
  • Significant success on a highly competitive market
Launch and run your own news channel

Comprehensive consulting services on launching and running news channel

112 Team expertise includes:
  • News channel launch from 4 months: starting from concept development, equipment supply and office space design up to programming and business optimization solutions.
  • Focus on developing the leading news channel, meeting the challenging demands of modern society in highly competitive environment. 70-100% live streaming per day plus flexible programming bring  monthly results.
  • Cost-сutting concept aimed to minimize initial investments and operational expenses: abandon the traditional expensive approaches (OB Vans, UpLink) for the innovative news delivery (using technical innovations and modern ways of communication, ‘citizen reporters’ involvement, etc.). As a result, the most recent news is delivered to a viewer at the moment it happens.
  • Wise financial and HR management, technological innovations, ergonomics and rational use of other resources guarantee both budget savings and high ratings. The overall production expenses for a minute aired are from $16.
  • Innovative approach in coordination and supervision of human resources, smart time management, creative marketing solutions.

Efficient project implementation in your country is guaranteed by the expertise backed up by the success story of 112 Ukraine channel

Share and rating
Share and rating

112 Ukraine is the leading news channel on the national market

112 Ukraine channel has been launched much later than its competitors, but wise management solutions keep it on top positions.

It should be noted that the Ukrainian news channels market is comparable to such European countries as Poland, Italy, France and Romania from the point of view of potential competitors. 112 Ukraine channel has 9 potential competitors while there are 8 of them in Poland, 11 in Italy, 12 in France and 9 in Romania. That proves the realistic possibility of TV channel launch, using the same model, in any country of the world even in a highly competitive market.

Efficient project implementation in your country is guaranteed by the expertise backed up by the success story of 112 ukraine channel

Viewing time and Coverage
Viewing time and Coverage


Efficient project implementation in your country is guaranteed by the expertise backed up by the success story of 112 ukraine channel

Nowadays, when people receive more and more information from the web, it is extremely important to develop Television Industry that is capable to compete with the Internet in prompt delivery of recent news, providing more analytics and supplementary information.

So 112 Team’s priorities are:
  • being fast

    the news goes live 3 minutes after its subject appearance

  • being mobile and cost-effective

    abandoning ob vans, uplink

  • being flexible

    breaking news is more important than scheduling

112 Ukraine

live broadcasts

18,5 hours per day

6 a.m. - 00.30 p.m. on weekdays

16,5 hours per day

8 a.m. - 00.30 p.m. on weekends

112 Ukraine channel broadcasts live with much lower budgets, but at the same high level as the market giants: Deutsche Welle (Germany) – 12 hours live broadcasts per day, NHK World (Japan) – 12 hours, CNN (USA) – 20 hours, BBC World News - 20 hours.

112 Ukraine launch: investments and timing. High quality in the shortest terms and with the most efficient use of resources

BBC news financial results analysis revealed that its broadcast costs are up to more than $175 per minute aired.

Innovative, prompt and efficient solutions of a proactive team

Top ratings, plenty of live broadcasts, promptly delivered news, unprecedentedly short-time project launch at minimum expenses. These are benefits of innovative management; that is what makes a real difference between the 112 Team’s approach and its traditional competitors.

112 Ukraine channel‘Traditional’ news TV channels
Innovative data transmission and streaming technologies Use of OB Vans and UpLink for generating and transmitting signals in order to report live
Wide use of social networks and online broadcasting A receiving ‘antenna field’ is obligatory
Broadcasting news and video streams from other news agencies Use of own surveying resources
Stringers and ‘citizen reporters’ Numerous correspondent points and ‘news bureaus’ all over the country and abroad
Minimum human resources in camera crews Traditional structure of camera crews
Unique system of coordination and supervision of human resources Passive news search and processing
Creative full-time employees launch new projects Additional freelance specialists launch new projects
Technical solutions

Unique technical solutions have been developed while launching the 112 Ukraine channel. They make it possible to use different price-category equipment and suppliers. For example, to employ tv equipment of the well-known brands as Avid, Imagine (Harris) and Sony together with BlackMagic Design, Swit and Teradek solutions. Thus the capital costs of the technological complex building were saved, keeping the highest quality production level.

The highest results have been achieved using mainly 2G coverage!

The variety of innovative managing solutions allows to leave behind all the competitors in efficiency of news broadcasting, which is one of the main index of success for the news channel functioning.

Innovative, prompt and efficient solutions of a proactive team

Ukrainian TV channels’ newsrooms, m2

The key distinctive feature of 112 Team’s approach is a rational and highly efficient use of all resources involved in launching and running the news channel. This approach is most demanded in the times of a global economical downturn.

The innovative approach in action can be observed on the example of 112 Ukraine channel’s modern multi-functional studio and newsroom.

The ‘heart’ of the 112 Ukraine channel is a modern studio and newsroom of a unique design and technical equipment. The total area of the front office is 470 m2; the area of the news studio is 72 m2, the ceiling height of each room is 3.5 m. The total area is significantly smaller comparing to the traditional TV channels’ facilities and thus it is cost-effective.

The studio complex is designed and organized as technologically smart space. Thus, each corner of the studio can be used for shooting.

For comparison, broadcast studio complex of the German Deutsche Welle occupies 9 buildings with the total area of 51 thousand m2. The ‘heart’ of CNN channel occupies the total area of 23.2 thou. m2. The newsroom of CNN by itself is 464.5 m2. The editorial office of ВВС News occupies 22 individual sound studios with the total office area of more than 3 thousand m2.


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